The Pre-Marital Checklist
 For Those In A Serious Relationship
Offered by the Law Offices of Franklin Radoff

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This checklist is for screening partners to learn who's right and knowing who's wrong.

Over the years many of my divorce clients have asked me, "Why am I in court fighting for my rights, custody of our children and arguing about money when I married a man or women I loved and who said they loved me"?

The simple truth is that you probably failed to do your homework before you got married and you were with the wrong partner usually from the "get go".

Our training and school education provides very little, if any, education about the relationship between men and women.

Most people are in denial in their lives so when the red lights and sirens go off, they just disregard the real serious issues in their premarital and post marital relationships and go forward with the relationship, in complete or partial denial.

Well, it's time to come out of denial so that you do not become a 51% marriage-divorce statistic.

I want to stress that these are my ideas of how you can help yourself make sure the person you are thinking of taking the marriage step, is right for you. After over 1000 divorce cases and enough personal experience in my own life I can safely provide you with the following assistance:

First, if you are a religious person, who has God sincerely in your heart and in your life, and not just a Sunday go to church type person, marrying another or seriously dating another who does not have God in their heart will get you a divorce sooner than later. A religious person must be with a person of equal biblical values. There is a lot of truth in the saying, "those who pray together stay together". This slogan is a lot more than just a "billboard sign".

Ask these really tough questions early in your dating relationship. This will prevent your heart from attaching before your brain hears the right answers.



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